Electronic Hydraulic Pallet Truck Weighing Scale

The New generation all purposes weighment for “goods receiving and shipping”, “manufacturing” and “packaging”. Providence Industries, PIPT pallet scales are made out of mild steel CRC sheet or stainless steel.

The rugged design permits long and reliable usage under challenging industrial conditions.

The high standards of customization allow choosing from weighing ranges from 500 to 2000kg, with resolutions from 100gm to 1kg in various capacities.

They are useful in normal and flame proof areas and have the CMRR certification.They play a major role in replacing dormant scales which permanently occupy floor to space and restrict movement of goods etc.

These scales are special as they weigh as well as transport, work on battery up to 8-10hrs backup, can record and transfer data to PC as well as printing of barcode labels.

These scales are used in areas of RM, Production, stores, logistics etc.

Electronic Hydraulic Pallet Truck Weighing Scale
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