Electronic Weighing Systems

Model : PI-PT

Capacity : 500 to 5000 Kgs

Electronic Weighing Systems

• 'Providence Industries' Electronic Hydraulic Pallet Truck is an economical way for one person to WEIGH & MOVE heavy pallet loads with in-built fork lift/stacker. The ergonomic design has been tested for providing years of reliable usage.

• This pallet truck includes two articulating steering wheels & four front load wheels.

• The reinforced formed steel forks provide twice the strength of standard single formed forks, equipped with internally mounted steel adjustable push rods.

• The spring loaded handle automatically returns to vertical position when not in use. The chrome plated hydraulic pump piston provides long seal life.

Electronic Weighing Systems
Electronic Weighing Systems
Electronic Weighing Systems
Electronic Weighing Systems
Electronic Weighing Systems
Electronic Weighing Systems
Electronic Weighing Systems

We reserve the rights to design due to continuous product improvement process.

Electronic Weighing Systems
Electronic Weighing Systems
Technical Specification
Fork Length 'L' 1150 mm
Width Over Forksl 'W' 550 / 685 mm
Lowered ht. 'h1' 85 mm
Total Lift ht. 'h2' 195 mm
Chassis ht. 'h3' 432 mm

Cap : 500kg x 100gms
Cap : 1000kg / 1500kg x 200gms
Cap : 2000kg / 2500kg x 500gms
Cap : 3000kg / 5000kg x 1kg

Introduction to Pallet Scale

Pallet scales are highly versatile weighing scales manufactured for a wide range of industries including industrial, retail, veterinary and agriculture, textile, chemical etc. and often provide the perfect solution for saving your business both time and money.

What are pallet scales?

Pallet scales are specifically designed for weighing pallets, crates and other large objects. They are commonly used in warehouses, factories and other industrial environments and are usually combined with weighing indicators. Pallet scales are versatile scales that can take the form of U-frame and pallet trucks and platforms. Convenient, adaptable and damage resistant, pallet weighing scales are built to last.

So, how can a pallet scale help you?

Pallet truck scales combine forklift action with a heavy-duty digital weighing scale allowing palleted goods to be easily maneuvered and check weighed simultaneously, effectively reducing loading time per batch. Moreover, pallet truck scales are easy to operate with a large handle and zero-pivot rotation perfect for tight spaces.

Pallet scales are movable and work on battery, once used they can be connected to power for charging.

In industry space is a large constraint wherein allotting space for weighing is not possible say a platform etc. Pallet scale serves the purpose by both weighing and transporting the weighed objects to warehouses, dispatch units, loading in trucks etc.

Pallet platform scales are rugged, large capacity weighing scales that lie flat on warehouse floors. Sloped edges or ramp accompaniments allow goods or animals to be easily maneuvered onto the weighing platform.

Pallet beams consist of two small weigh beams that can be placed underneath large pallets, cages, cattle crushes and platforms. They feature long robust cables that allow the beams to expand or retract from each other depending on the size of the platform or object on top.

Why does this matter?

The bottom line is that pallet scales are highly convenient, adaptable and are suitable for a wide range of weighing applications that can make any weighing task both easy and cost effective. Industrial pallet scales can streamline processing and distribution procedures, increase control over stock and reduce risk in high-pressure environments, ultimately leading to increased efficiency and a decrease in cost.

In agricultural and veterinary industries, they greatly decrease time spent weighing livestock and cattle, allowing multiple animals to be weighed at once and can be customised to work alongside almost any cage or platform type.

  • They are available in capacities from 500 kg to 5 tons with fork size of 1150 mm
  • Display in both standard and flame proof indicators.
  • Options for data transfer to PC labeling etc can be done
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