• GPS (global positioning system) clocks work on Satellite communication.
  • Its Technical brochure is attached which will explain more of it in detail.

Operation of GPS Clock.
  • These clocks give us the appropriate time as it is connected to the satellite.
  • A GPS Master can integrate with 'N' no of clocks within a range of 400 mtrs.
  • The clock or SLAVE takes its signal from the master and displays the right time.
  • They work on 230V50Hz Power.
  • They can be connected to available UPS power so that power continuity can be available.
  • In times of loss of power, once restored they will indicate the appropriate time.
  • In times of loss of connectivity with satellite it will operate on RTC (Real time clock) where the accuracy level will be 2sec per 48hrs. this can happen in rainy season where there are heavy rains, clouds etc.

Advantages / Benefits of GPS Clocks
  • These clocks give us the appropriate time hence related issues and time concern's at plant, educational institutions, factories are sorted out.
  • As of today, and even in the past time has been and will remain a very important parameter in our day-to-day life, and hence time bound operations will give better results.
  • The system indicator (GTS) can be connected to o/p such as sirens/hooters, and time operations can be handled as the programmed system will automatically sound the sirens, hence eliminating the watchman at the gate.
  • It also eliminates the confusion of different time as displayed on our personal watches, dial clocks, and provides better time management.
  • The system is customer oriented and can be set as per our choice.
  • We can configure the Master with the server, all clients will display the same time as the GPS.
  • GPS clocks ae available in PVC, SS as well as flame proof enclosures depending upon the environment.

SI-810 Special Version

  • Battery Filling
  • Textile cone weighment
  • Coil and wire industries
Special Features
  • Maximum 100 Tare weights
  • Optional Buzzer or lamp indication for Logging
  • Other standard features for SI-810
Key Schematic

Strapping m/c on Weighing scale

SI 810 Tank weighing system

SI 810 Tank weighing system


  • Better accuracy.
  • PC/ PLC connectivity-RS 232/RS485/Ether net.
  • PC application SW & Data recording facility.
  • Digital and Analog signal interface.
  • Report printing option- Directly to printer.
  • High alloy steel load cell - Protection dust / moisture


  • Can reduce dispatching extra material.
  • PC and PLC connectivity for external software.
  • Electronic signal to control valve in inlet /mixing/outlet.
  • Can print batch record .
  • Quick replacement of load cells without disturbing tank arrangement.


  • Easy and minimal maintenance- Saves time and money.
  • Makes the process free from human intervention
  • Reduce human error - system generated MIS report
  • High efficiency and productivity.
  • Robust system

SI-810 Batch Weighing / Filling System

Batching System provides pre-programmed feeding, weighing & discharging of 2 or more materials in sequence for formulation of product.

SI 810 Tank weighing system
SI 810 Tank weighing system

Unique Features for SI-810 BWS

  • Pleasant Green Graphical LCD Display
  • 1000 formulas / Recipes can be stored
  • Maximum of 25 Ingredients for each formula with tolerance
  • Manual or Auto logging
  • Identification Ingredient name
  • Scale monitoring from PC using Scale Manager
  • Skip & select ingredient during the weighing process
  • Formula % during the batch start
  • Tower lamp and Buzzer (Factory Option)
  • Second platform connectivity
  • Ethernet connectivity to PC
  • PS/2 Key board or Scanner connectivity
  • User friendly batch process methods
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