DX-415 Platform Scale

DX-415 Platform Scale

DX-415 Platform Scale

Special Feature:

  • Bright Green LED Display with additional Jumbo display with remote & wall mounted display as accessories
  • Virtual COM port (USB)
  • RS-232 Interface
  • Set point
  • Can be interfaced with Essae DP-810 printer

Advantages / Accessories:

  • RS-232 to USB cable assembly
  • External set point - relay output
  • 25 mm / 50 mm Jumbo Display
  • Remote Display: Table / Wall mounting


  • Ideal pick for both retail and industrial environment.

Technical Specifications:

Power Supply 230V AC, 50Hz
Power consumption 6W
Display type Pure Green LED
Display (Numeric) 6 Digits
Display size 14 mm
No. of Keys 5 keys
Rechargeable battery 7.4 V Lithium ion
DX-415 Platform Scale