GPS Master Clock

GPS Master Clock

GPS Master Clock

Special Feature:

  • Receives atomic time from network of GPS satellites.
  • Re-transmits the time to clocks through wireless RF frequency band of 866MHz.


  • 300m (line of sight) depends on site conditions.
  • Needs to be installed in a location with easy/direct access to the sky.

Technical Specifications:

Enclosure HIPS plastic
Dimension (LxHxD) 147x213x46 (mm) with antenna
Others GPS receiver module
RF Transmitter 866MHz wireless transmitter
Internal RTC Accuracy ± 1 sec accuracy
RF Coverage (max) 400 m range (Line of Sight)

General Details

Model Display Height(mm) Dimension Remarks
GDT-57 57 290 x 93 x 36 HIPS (plastic)
GDT-57SS 307 x 117 x 37 SS-304
GDT-57FLP 350 x 199 x 89 Flame Proof enclosure with SS-304 cover
GDT-57-6 421 x 117 x 31 SS-304, HH:MM:SS
GDT-100SS 100 500 x 180 x 39 SS-304
GDT-100FLP 595 x 292 x 101 Flame Proof enclosure with SS-304
GDT-100-6 614 x 180 x 39 SS-304, HH:MM:SS

Schematic Diagram